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Awareness & Self Defence Instructor

I began my journey into martial arts as a teenager after being introduced to Kung Fu by my cousin who was training at the time. From a very young age my father began to teach me the basics of combat which sparked my desire to learn more. 

I augmented my training with learning various other disciplines, spending time in Boxing, Wrestling and most recently in Tai Chi, all of which have given me a much better insight into fighting and helped underpin elements of my own personal training. 

As well as progressing to my 7th Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu I have also been working at the sharp end of the security industry for 22 years. 

I have had to deal with many stressful, violent and dangerous situations where other people's and my own safety have been seriously threatened. I have experienced these threats at all levels, from the individual, the crowd, the gang, and the mob. 

I had to quickly learn to manage these situations and react appropriately and proportionately. 

This has given me a unique insight into the extreme behaviour of people under very different circumstances and has taught me when the use of force is necessary and when spoken word would be more effective. 

For many years I have studied with members of the UK Special Forces the science and practice of human behaviour and psychology in conflict from individuals to strategic operations and now devise relevant training plans for the Police, Military and Special Operations members in various countries. 

My passion lies with educating our children. I aim to teach my students with the same dedication and passion that I was taught with.

Reach One Teach One for me is about creating a platform to help people and kids. It's about giving them a space for their confidence to shine and grow.

Reach One Teach One provides people with a safe space where they can be themselves and learn skills they can apply in every aspect of their lives.

It is to shine a light into their darkness.

Jerome De Silva: Team Members
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