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As a passionate Educator, we take great pride in every course we teach.

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With this course we are looking to change fundamental thinking into a positive mindset, and develop confidence, self esteem with a mindful approach to changing behaviour. 

Self Defence is 95% awareness. We focus on encouraging students to actively engage with their environment through a series of game based activities.

Of course we teach everything else - Avoidance, De-Escalation, Body Language, Profiling, Adrenal Response, Behaviour Analysis, Gut instinct and physical responses embedded in gross motor skills. 

This course is aimed at Teenagers and can be broken into girls only, boys only or mixed, tailoring information requirements in a gender specific setting.

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Our after school programme is unique. 

Over the academic year we teach our Awareness & Self Defence syllabus in smaller bite size lessons. Each class is topic specific, allowing us to build skills and offer new perspectives progressively. Every student loves this club, it's fun, physical and extremely informative. 

We found this format works very well, offering time in between classes to practice the lessons learned, and with a new influx of students yearly, we can effect change to a larger captive audience. 

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